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The SPFY is usually scheduled after the second year in Theology.

In this year of formation. “(T)he seminarian is called to ‘go out of himself’, to make his way, in Christ, towards the Father and towards others, embracing the call to priesthood, dedicating himself to work with the Holy Spirit, to achieve a serene and creative interior synthesis between strength and weakness(RFIS29)”

Thus the program is divided into three phases that make up one journey: the Journey to Self, Others, and God.

The ultimate goal is for the seminarian to be able “ to bring all aspect oh (his) personality to Christ, in this way making (him) consciously free for God and for others . In fact it is only in the crucified and risen Christ that this path of  integration finds meaning and completion; all things are united in him (cf. Eph 1:10), so that “God might be all in all” (cf.1Cor 15:28)”.

Therefore, the words of the Prophet Isaiah 53:5 serves as the program’ guiding light: By His wounds we are healed.

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In this SPFY Program we envision that the seminarian-participant will have developed a deeper grasp and appreciation of the meaning of his priestly vocation, having been given the opportunity to deliberate more fully and purify more intensely his decision to commit himself to this kind of life (cf. RFIS 34) Furthermore, having experienced and acquired the discipline of lived spirituality, he would be able to see his vocation as a life of service to all, especially to God’s poor in perfect imitation of Christ, the High, who “came not to be served but to serve” (Mk. 10:45: cf RFIS 38-40).



Program Director : REV. FR. JONATHAN RUBIN
Spiritual Director : REV. FR. ANDREI VENTANILLA
Finance Director : REV. FR. ALDEN JOHN D. BARAN