Pastoral Planning Board LOGO

PPB Personnel

Rev. Msgr. Rolando A. Jimenez (1986 – 1993)
Rev. Msgr. Adelito A. Abella (1993 – 1997)
Rev. Fr. Marvin S. Mejia (1997 – 2001)
Rev. Msgr. Dennis C. Villarojo (2001- Nov. 2010)
Rev. Fr. Marvin S. Mejia (Dec. 2010)
Most Rev. Dennis C. Villarojo, D.D. (2016 – 2019)
Rev. Msgr. Guillermo D. Gorre (2019 – present)

Madame Josefina F. Matheu (1993-2007)
Dr. Montana C. Saniel (2007-2008)
Papal Awardee Margarita Maria A. Matheu (2008 – present)

Rev. Msgr. Guillermo D. Gorre
PPB Coordinator

Ms. Margarita Maria A. Matheu
Executive Secretary

Mrs. Myrna Evelyn C. Punay
Office Secretary

How to contact PPB?

Mailing Address:
St. Vitalis Building, D. Jakosalem cor. P. Gomez Sts.
(across The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Mausoleum)
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Tel. No.:(+63 32) 253 0364
Email Address:

What is PPB?

The Pastoral Planning Board was established immediately after the Fourth Diocesan Synod of Cebu which was convoked by then Archbishop of Cebu, His Eminence, Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal last November 10, 1985 to March 1, 1986.

The Pastoral Planning Board (PPB) is chaired by the Archbishop of Cebu and composed of the Chairperson of the Commissions and Episcopal Vicars.  It also has its Pastoral Planning Board Coordinator and Executive Secretary.

The PPB Secretariat acts as its Technical Working Group, who collects, collate and evaluate Pastoral Plans for the Archdiocese. It is supported by an office staff and volunteer workers in its day-to-day operation.

The PPB is the data information and processing center tasked to facilitate the operation and implementation, monitoring and evaluating plans in the Annual General Pastoral Assemblies.

Decree of Approval of PPB