The Wrath of Odette and Faith in Action

December 16, 2021, Thursday, Super Typhoon Odette made its landfall in some parts of the Visayas including Cebu and left a vast damage to the lives of many people. Morning after the onslaught of the typhoon--- with no electricity and limited water supply, razed houses and properties, wrecked roads and livelihoods--- many people were left devastated and homeless. Paying heed to the immediate needs of the affected, Cebu Caritas, the social action arm of the Archdiocese of Cebu led by Rev. Fr. Alex Cola immediately appealed for donations and support to help the people especially those in the southern part of Cebu who had massively incurred damages. Rapid Assessment of the affected areas and multiple meetings and planning were done by NASSA/ Caritas Philippines with Cebu Caritas to plan and carry out the relief distribution to the parishes of Cebu. Cebu Caritas through its Archbishop Teofilo Camomot Buhat sa Kalooy (Emergency Response and Relief Operations) then began distributing foods packs and Bags of Love to the severely affected parishes in Southern Cebu. These parishes are the following: 1.) Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish (Talaga, Argao) 2.) St. Michael the Archangel Parish ( Argao) 3.) Our Lady of the Pillar Parish (Sibonga) 4.) Our Lady of Lourdes Parish (Ocaña, Carcar) 5.) Archdiocesan Shrine of Alexander Alexandria (Carcar). As Cebu continues to rise and move forward from the damages caused by the super typhoon, Cebu Caritas Inc. also continues to distribute their bags of love to other parishes and barangays who were greatly affected by Odette. At present, 72 parishes have received food reliefs. This will not be made possible without the sponsors and volunteers who tirelessly lenttheir time and resources. In the times of calamity, we are given the opportunity to show compassion and live out being truly “gifted to give”. May our love for mankind be embodied in faith and in action as we stand together from the challenges we face as one Sugboanong Simbahan.

  • Date: January 1, 2022